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Our Testimonials Are Real! All sent in by real system users. We only show you a small portion of our huge testimonial list, so you can at least see some that were sent into us. 


I won over $657.00 in 2 months testing this system. The $657.00 is my actual profit from the wins. I tried 3 lottery systems prior to this one with no luck at all. I even wrote a review on my experience with this system. This system is for real people!

Craig Damon, Canada

70% of the people I know that play the lotteries are using this system, including myself. It is a smart choice, you will love it.

Ryan Silver, USA

If you are looking for a decent lottery system, grab this one first. I have tried many other systems as (removed). I received very poor results with these systems and recommend you do not waste your cash on them. Try the Lotto Guy System first, it is a nice easy to use system that will produce winning numbers. I win many 3 & 4 number wins monthly and have won 2 very large wins using this system since 2010

Hope I have helped some of you with my advice.

Gerry D, FL, USA

I’m a winner already! I just won a delicious lottery system, and my full purchase price was refunded. I was sent an Email stating I was the 5th person to purchase their lottery system today, which is now always delicious. These guys are top-notch!

Bryce K, Ohio, USA

Good system. Buy it. Follow it. It works! No crappy stuff, easy to use, all good.

Sean M, U.S.

I got exactly what is advertised. No hype or empty promises. I am now winning more with this system, than I was playing sports select.

Eileen G, Canada,

Cool system. Will you get rich quick? Maybe not, but you will most definitely win smaller amounts like clock work. It has been working great for myself and three others I know that use this lottery system routinely.

Stacey W, U.S.

It is very rare that you find a product this good. I purchased this system and am truly amazed at the results I am having. What else can I say but Thanx!

Vern Lamont, U.S.

Serious stuff, very unique! This is a legit lottery system that actually works very well. Here is my Email (deleted) give me a shout and I will show you my winning tickets.

Charlie Chrycher, U.S.

I must say this lottery product is darn good. I am very pleased with the results, not a one-off win, but many wins playing UK Lotteries. Better results than I expected!

Gregory, UK,

Nice product. No hype, no exaggerated claims. Just a good lottery system that does indeed produce winning tickets. I do recommend this product, as it is the best lottery system I have tried to date.

Greg Davies, U.S.

I am so pleased with this Lottery System, I had to inform others as it is for real. I had just bought the system 1 week earlier, I used it to get my numbers to play Western 6/49 (Wed Jan 27 Draw) I purchased 10 lines for a cost of $6.00 On the draw date I checked my ticket and 4 of the 6 numbers I choose came up on 3 of the lines I purchased. A 4 out of 6 number win pays $50 x 3 is $150, this is what I won on my first use of this outstanding system! Paul Armeen, Canada,

The system is easy to use and you really do get wins. It is absolutely worth every penny I paid for it and more.

Cecilia Haines, Canada

My husband and I picked up this lottery system a while back in 2009 and we have won a considerable amount of cash since then. I recommend it to all, it will most definitely give you a great start to the new year.

Kary Mayes, USA

I am very happy with the wins I am receiving using this lottery system. To date I have won over $30,000 I will always use this lottery system as it is top notch.

Sabrina Ross, USA

Great system, just follow the steps and stick with your numbers they will win! I generally play 6 lines no more. As many others have stated on blogs and here, this is the best system out there and I agree.

Jeff Bradfield, AB,

I would like to inform people, who are contemplating purchasing a lottery system, to seriously consider this lottery system. I have been using this lottery system for about 2 years now and have won to date over $22,000 playing various lotteries. This may not sound like much money to some, as many other lottery systems give testimonials stating million dollar jackpot wins by many users of there systems, but I can assure you this not the case, it is pure Bull-Shit! It is much better to have a system such as this one that gives you many consistent small wins as these really add up.

Of course the possibility of a jackpot win is always there also, but the odds are a lot higher to hit one. I am giving my testimonial for this lottery system to help people win and not purchase crappy useless systems which do nothing for you.

Gill Sambal, U.S,

This is the third lottery system I have bought this year, and it is the only lottery system winning me some cash. I am recommending it to all my friends who play lotteries.

Fred Kosh, Canada

I was a worried that I would be scammed buying this lottery system as I was scammed 2 other times, but I said what the hell and took another chance. I am really happy I took the chance, I have been getting many 3 and 4 number wins with the system and I am also using the newer lottery wheel with good results. I have put you on my blog as a reputable company as I very happy with your products, have a nice day!

Amien, U.S

Nice stuff dude! I am using both lottery systems and they are producing wins. I am even picking more winning scratch n win tickets using your guide lines.

Ray, Canada

Anyone who is looking for a legit lottery system, instead of the usual garbage out there, this is the system you want. It gives you everything you need to achieve wins. I can mention 6 lottery systems on you tube (which I purchased and were absolute garbage) Here are the names (Deleted sorry). If you stay away from those systems you will save yourself a ton of cash.

Melvin Gonzalez, USA,

Great system, I really like using it. I like the lottery wheel also, Well worth the money I spent.

Sara Brenner, United States,

Hey Lotto Guy, this is Vipul Shah and I just want to let you guys know about my recent results using the lottery system. For the past 3 months or so I’ve been using your lottery system, and the rate I am getting wins from it is at a steady 25% win from tickets purchased. Your lottery system is winning me money and it is genuine just as advertised.

Vipul Shah, USA,

Wow, for my $10.00 I got a neat lottery system plus great other info/products. I checked out approximately what I would have paid for all of this, and it would have cost me about $100.00 Canadian. Thanx Very Much Guys

Cindy Jarvin Canada,

I did not expect to get such a great lottery system for 10 bucks, but it is for real and the other bonuses given are very useful. In my books, these guys are top notch.

Rick Homes, Florida,

The system does produce good results, and the price is a bargin.

Eugene V, B.C Canada

Here’s my testimonial for people looking to buy your lottery system.

Excellent system for the buck, Cheers Mate!

Jack Bruny U.S.

We have been getting pretty consistent wins with the numbers I have chosen using the lotto system. I also found out that you people actually have a charity, in which $1.00 from each sale is given to. Why do you not post this on your website? I am sure others would like to know this, it is a good thing.

Nerissa, U.S.A,

This product is a real winner. I am giving my testimonial as I have been doing very well with the system (Thanks for the tips also) In my opinion it is the best out there of many systems that are for sale.

Lorna Frame, U.S.A

What I like about this system is that it doesn’t promise you the jackpot because no one can do that, no one. On my first try I won $177 which is well worth it! I only paid 20 bucks for the system. why do others charge so much for their systems, they are ripping people off and should be thrown in jail.

Ted Green, Canada

I received your system (very cool) I have not seen a system like this one before. I just bought it short time ago and already have had 3 wins, which paid for the purchase of the system many times over (big Smile) lol

Thank you Tina, U.S.A

Here is a testimonial for your list. I really do not have much to say except your lottery system does work, and it was the best ten bucks I have spent.

This buds for you lotto guy!

Sam Bray U.S.A,

Hi, I am very surprised, I have not seen this type of lottery system before and I have tried more than a few. Well any ways, in the short time I have been using your system I have won 3 times and that in it’s self is outstanding. You really should be charging more for it (just my opinion) all in all a very cool well designed system with great potential for big wins.

Keith Jones U.S.A

I would like to say that I am very pleased with your system, it is one of the best lottery systems I have used so far. Thank you for responding so fast to all the questions I have asked.

Kathy Simi, Canada

I highly recommend this system, It does work as advertised.

Brent K, Canada

Hi, my name is Linda and I have been using lotto guy lottery system for 4 months . The wins have been really great, Thanx. No way, I do not believe it. I actually had success with the system, 2 wins in a row. I am a very happy camper and rate your system a 9 out of 10.

Gord, Calgary AB

Hi, thanx for responding to all my emails, you were very helpful and we really love using your lottery system. Just thought I would send you a cilantro something for your testimonial list. (please do not list my full name or email address)

Thanx much, Wendy


Just thought I’d let you know my results for the first time using your system. I matched 3 out of 6 twice on a $10 ticket, so $10 profit. One of the wins was from a quick pick though. But good start using your system so far.


Hi, I got your system and use it on classic 47. So far I won $210.00. I like to play the mega millions and need to know which one to play. The pick 6 or the pick 5. Also I want to know if you have any other tips for me to increase my chances to win more.

Thanks Anthony

As promised. Honest. Highly recommended.

Ifty Great,

I love you guys, you responded immediately and more importantly gave customers a useful product. So far no complaints.


I love your system. I paid big $$$ for my lotto software and it is a useless piece of junk. This has been a total win! I made money from your system in less than 1 month. Sincerely,

John H

This was my first week that I finally actually started making money. I can’t believe

it it’s great!!! I wish I had found you guys sooner.

Mark Doblie, USA

I have tried a few internet lottery systems before and I got stung badly. I happen to come across your system and at first I was very skeptical. So I took the plunge and brought It anyways. After about four draws. Well they It delivered. I got my first win. Thanks

Grant, Canada

I have tried several different types of lotto systems to no avail. Most had such hyped up ads but produced no results. Then I can across lotto guy system and decided it was reasonable enough to take another risk. The reasons I like this system is that there is a reasonable chance you will make money with it. It’s nice to have something that is working for me.

Bobby Dotson, USA

We received your system so quickly that we were amazed. Thanks again.

Patricia Garrett , Florida

My name is Dyan Lambert and I have been using lotto guy lottery system for 6 months now. The wins that I have received has been wonderful. Dyan Lambert, Canada

I highly recommend this system, It really does do as stated.

Tom Kilianski M, Ohio

Great system. Much easier to use than software systems.

Derek Aston, USA

I wish I had found your system a long time a go, before I had wasted my money on other systems. Thank you Lotto Guy for this great system.

Warren B. Biftu USA

I would just like to say I really really enjoy using this system.

Robert J Schultz, USA

Great system. 2 thumbs up in my book.

Garret Bockhorst, UK

Since I been using your system, I have won so many times I lost count FANTASTIC!

Gary Bailey, USA

Nicely laid out and was delivered fast.

Chris Koivu, Canada

Hi, I just want to say that I really love using your lotto system. It is user friendly , this is what I like about it the most. I rate this system a 7 out of 10.

Brandi Slone, USA

Hi. Since I have been using this system I have had outstanding results and in profit. This is very hard to do with any lotto system period! Thanks buddy

Anthony Bradley, Canada Awesome response time. Also so far I am really impressed by your system.!

Matthew Marcus, USA

YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!! I think that I finally found an honest system.

James Rhodes, USA

Thank you so much! My husband is very happy with it and so am I. Again, Thanks

Minerva burns

I would like to thank you for an excellent product.

Eric Otoo, Canada

Rest assured I will refer you to my friends. Thanks again.

Augusto Montenegro

Dude the system is killer killer!! looks like you figured It out everything you needed to know… WOW wee!!


I am pleased to have purchased your lottery program and I look forward to more wins.

Anthony Herbers

I love it… Looking forward to a great year. Thank you very much for your quick shipping & support.

Dele Otinwa, Canada

I just wanted you to know that I tried out your product to see what the quality is and how fast they are shipped. I am impressed. Everything is just as described on the site and the shipping was fast! I am very impressed with the way you do business and the quality of the product. Thanks so much for making this available to me.

Ken, U.S.A

Hello! I recently purchased your lottery system and I am really enjoying it.

Lisa Jones, Florida

Excellent – thank you for your rapid response (and on a Sunday!!!). I am very impressed with the system.


this system really works WOW! Thanks!!

Susan H Illinois

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I think about your lotto system it is wonderful. It has been so easy for me to use. Using the categories . I also like the layout. Kudos to you for making this system so user friendly. Great product!

Kathleen Fitz Patrick, Canada

Tried a few lottery software systems and they did not work as advertised, won nothing. So was told your Lotto Guy Lottery System was a formula that did work to better your chances. Your system does work much better than any of the previous lottery systems i have tried.

Lennie, USA

Thanks for the great system and the even better price!

Michelle H, BC Canada

I have not been too impressed with other lottery systems and the prices are too high for profits. This system is more like it.

Kate Trueman , USA

I have used other systems and was not impressed with the results. These were all lottery software systems and all gave me about same results, basically they were all the same exact system just different names. Others highly recommended your LG system which is not a software system, but a very unique formula style system. I used your system, also applying all your special strategies and just stuck with it. The results i received were much much better than any other system i have tried. Thank You for selling an honest real system that actually did something.

Robin, USA

Already got a few small wins in Powerball applying your LG formula. Thanks for getting my login details to me quickly – I do like the formula, surprising is the fact it can be used in parts or sections if I so choose to do, or as you guys say can be used as a whole. Your system is not fancy and gets right to the point. Can’t beat your price that’s for sure, lowest I’ve seen for a serious lotto system.

I have to say I have test driven my share of systems, my list to date is (the lotto black book, lottery crusher software, lottery dominator, win lotto systems) these systems were high cost, low to zero win rates and I used them as directed. I believe them to all be complete garbage bordering on being scams. Hope you guys can add my testimonial I do rate your system high, have a good weekend!

Kevin Jackson, U.S.

We have added only a few of our many sent in testimonials just to show that our Lotto Guy Lottery System is for real and yes! Will definitely improve your chances to win the lottery Easier!

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